Stephanie Tran teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation. A firm believer that every shape and body can practice, she curates her lessons to be safe, accessible, and fun! 


From humble beginnings, I grew up in an atypical home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. My neighborhood was predominately white and wealthy, whereas my parents were frugal Vietnamese refugees struggling to achieve the "American Dream." An odd ball and outsider from the get go, I grew to understand the world around me in a lens different from my peers. I left my hometown to obtain my Bachelors in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh, and worked at an academic hospital for two years, catching babies to a tune of 10,000 newborns annually. Travel nursing called to me and  I dove head first into sunny Los Angeles as an employee of Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Typically on the move, I hauled my life to San Francisco, now my forever home. I currently work at the University of San Francisco Mission Bay, treating people from the 1% to the homeless and everyone in-between. 

My yoga journey started years ago when I was overweight, overworked, and over-stressed. My mother recently passed, the political climate drastically changed, and the world I knew flipped upside down. Yoga found me in my most critical time of need. I lost 60lbs, found peace and solace, and my entire life philosophy changed. Health and well-being became priority and I believe any person can become the change they want to be. 

In my spare time, you can find me as a night owl working at the hospital, cruising on my motorcycle, photographing with a film camera, backpacking alone in the wilderness, and snuggling with my pup. 

Stephanie Tran is a board certified Registered Nurse and licensed Registered Yoga Teacher 


Services provided are not in conjunction with UCSF Medical Center or affiliates.