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Synergizing Yoga with 10 Years of Nursing Experience

Take Advantage of Private Yoga Instruction with a Registered Labor & Delivery Nurse

Your first session is Complementary


My style of yoga is more accessible, less intimidating, and most importantly, "for" the people.

Sessions can take place in your Home, Tantara Yoga Studio in Nob Hill, or in Berkeley at Hatha Yoga Shala 


There's yoga "to" the people. 
Where's yoga "for" the people? 

  For beginners, for seasoned yogis, for healthcare workers, for engineers, for founders, for parents, for hikers, for bikers, for rock climbers, for runners, for artists, for musicians, for weight lifters, for couch potatoes, for every shape, for every size, and every body, each yoga lesson will be curated and personalized to fit your needs. 


Yes! That's me Before and After

Yes! That's me Before and After

Often times beginners are lost, out of place, concerned for injuries. They feel they don't fit the typical archtype of a yogi: White, thin,  green juice drinking beacon of health. The chanting, the singing, the OM's, the Sanskrit, can be intimidating for anyone beginning their yoga journey. Yoga does not have to be the self-proclaimed spirituality it often praises itself to be. (Or it absolutely can if it serves you! ) My yoga is down to earth, pragmatic, and unpretentious. I want to make the practice accessible to you, without the fluff.  I constantly hear, "I'm not flexible," "I can't do that," "I'm scared of injuring myself." 

There's no "can't" in Yoga. There's if, when, and yes I'm okay with where I am today!

It's your body, your mat, your practice. I understand what it feels like to be a stranger in a strange class. When I began I was far from the typical Yogi you see on Instagram or in the magazines. I was awkward, insecure, overweight, inflexible, defeated. With consistent practice I pulled myself from the empty pit of depression and negativity.  

San Francisco is a beautiful city blessed with endless studios and instructors. Where do I start? Which studio is right for me? Who is this teacher? What's the difference between Vinyasa and Hatha? What exactly is Yoga? I'm here to break the shape of yoga, to introduce refreshing methods which will gently guide you to be your best self. I chose to not teach in a studio or public class because I want to focus on just you. As a  full-time nurse I have an intimate understanding of the human body. 

Every body is different, so every yoga session should be different.

I teach private sessions in your Home, Tantara Yoga Studio, or at Hatha Yoga Shala. My lessons are thoughtful, balanced, alignment-focused, safe and specifically created to meet your goals - whether you wish to hold a handstand, relieve stress and pain, strengthen your muscles, or begin with downward facing dog. 

Tantara Yoga Studio

914 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133


Hatha Yoga Shala

2050 4th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710